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Bringing computers and Internet skills to village children in Togo, Western Africa
Togo is twice the size of Maryland and has over 6m people, many of which live in poor rural areas and do not have access to computers or the Internet. In fact less than 5% of the total population have access to computers ( compared to >75% in the USA ), with children in villages being even more disadvantaged. To address this growing disparity ( or "digital divide" ) the Togo Internet Village project was established in 2009 to help deliver facilities, equipment and training to the Village Children of Togo.

Children begin training in the temporary facility

Togo is known as the "Smile of Africa" because of its friendly people, demonstrated below by these children from the village of Vo Pedakondji.

Smile of Africa

First teachers & students @ the Cyber Cafe, Vo Pedakonji

In partnership with local sponsors including village schools and funded by charitable donations, the initial phase of the project is underway to establish and operate the first "Cyber Cafe" in the rural village of Vo Pedakondji in South East Togo. The temporary facility opened in July 2009 and working through the local schools has begun teaching basic computing to over 1000 children in the region. Based on the succesful operation of this facility and additional fund raising, further phases are planned to bring this opportunity to many more children in rural Togo villages.

A typical Village home in Vo Pedakonji

Please Help! - The Togo Internet Village is an approved project with Global Giving where you can donate to help the children in the villages of Togo @ http://globalgiving.com/projects/togo-internet-village just $10 provides a child with training for one year

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